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6 Steps to Set Up a Facebook Page


September 11, 2020

By Laurelle Taylor

So your business is ready to make the next big step and start a Facebook page but you aren’t quite sure how to do it? Here’s the solution!

Step 1) 

Log on to Facebook and go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php and select the optioin which best matches your company. After you’ve clicked one it should reveal behind it the option to choose a category and enter your brand’s name. You can click through all the other options to see if they have a category that works best for your business. PLEASE NOTE: Once you enter your company’s name & start the page, you can only change the name if you have under 200 likes (by applying to change it), the only other way to change it is to start a new one (from scratch). Click on “Get Started”

Step 1

Step 2)

The next page will say “Set Up *your business name*” and have About highlighted in blue. Add a description about your company and put in the link to your website in the field available (don’t worry you can go back and edit this information). TIP: Click on Add Another Site and put in your company’s Twitter address & repeat for YouTube and any other pages your company has. Click Save Info to continue.

Step 2

Step 3)

The next page should ask you to upload a profile picture. Upload or Import your company’s logo (or whatever picture you want to be your profile picture). After it’s uploaded you’ll see the thumbnail come up. Click Next.

Step 3

Step 4)

The next page should ask you to choose your Facebook web address eg. http://www.facebook.com/SwaggSwagg (which is not a real link). This step is very important because it makes navigating directly to your page easier for customers. PLEASE NOTE: You can only change your Facebook web address one time after you enter the first one so think wisely. Hint: You can “Skip” this step and come back to it in a couple hours/a day… but be sure to come back. After you’ve done that click next.

Step 4

Step 5)

The next page should ask you if you want to Create an Ad (YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE AD). I don’t personally recommend this when you’re just starting your Facebook page because your page is still empty. So “Skip” this till a later date.

Step 5

Step 6)

The next page should ask you to add your page to your personal Facebook favorites. Click on Add to Favorites and then click Next. You’ve Started Your Facebook Page!

Step 6


  • Have a company photo catalogue ready for upload before you start the pae.
  • Before you invite anyone to like the page or promote your page add at least 20 posts (photos, videos, text and links) and update your cover photo. Makes no sense having people coming to a blank page.
  • Facebook Profile Pic dimensions: 160 X 160, Cover Photo Dimension: 851 X 351
  • Start by inviting employees to like the page to make up numbers faster. Get them to click Like and share posts encouraging their friends to click like on your page (social network remember?)
  • Upload at least one album between 1-2 weeks after you start the page.
  • Thank persons individually (until you reach at least 100 fans) for clicking Like on your page and encourage them to stay with you and posts comments etc.
  • Don’t Set it & Forget it! If you know that you’re not going to be able to manage your Facebook page, hire somebody to it for you (like us) but don’t just start a Facebook page to say you’re on Facebook. It looks worse when people search for your company on Facebook and find a page that hasn’t been updated than to search and not find one.

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