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FX Trader Website


June 24, 2021


FX Trader is the largest Cambio Network in the Caribbean which offers quality service, great rates and convenience – supplying a wide range of services for both the consumer and business customer.
A website redesign would foster greater cohesion across the brand, as well as generate conversions.

Purpose and Goals

To provide users with a modern and responsive website that is safe and secure, creates unified branding, outlines a user journey that is navigable and will aid in conversion, as well as facilitate an analysis of the user’s navigation trends.

The utmost thing is the user experience, to have the most useful experience.

~ Marissa Mayer


1 Website Strategy

2 Copywriting

3 User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

4 Web Development

The Results

The user-centric design features enhanced content and visuals to tailor an improved user experience, resulting in a website that is more navigation friendly, as well as encourages an increase in traffic.

We create content that prospective customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention, transforming initial interests into conversions.

~ The IPP Philosophy

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