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 IPP is looking for a phenomenal Videographer/Video Editor who is responsible for the creation of all video content of IPP, working in conjunction with members of the creative team as well as to the tune of the digital creative director. Production of the staff member in this rule is expected to be as a result of an ideation session and presentation to IPP managers OR as per a digital creative strategy. Reproduction of clients video footage or any other video content will pass through this person. Any in office (internal) recording, live recording or recording for any client must also come through this person. It is this individual’s responsibility to uphold the “ IPP Way” and standard in all video content, to ensure the clients are getting value for money.


  • You are well-versed across the Adobe Creative Suite platform (Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop) or Final Cut Pro.
  • You have a strong editing background with experience cutting fast-paced commercial pieces, as well as assembling intricately complex narratives for documentary work.
  • You have shooting experience on a wide variety of project types, using a wide range of cameras including Canon, Sony – and an understanding of the associated post-production workflows (offline editing etc.)
  • You’re proficient with After Effects and have animation and motion graphic experience
  • You understand Codecs in and out. The Media Encoder queue… you know what I’m talkin’ about.
  • You have a strong understanding of recording audio in studio and in the field. Boom operating, setting LAVs etc.
  • You’re self-motivated, you successfully meet tight deadlines, you manage priorities and your time effectively with minimal supervision in a fast-paced, team environment
  • You’re painstakingly organized and attentive to detail.
  • You research programs, practices, industry news and have a passion for constantly improving your work.

Experience & Qualifications

  • At least two (2) years experience in Video Editing
  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere and other linear editing programs, eg: After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve
  • Must be able to do basic raw footage coloring
  • Must be able to manipulate audio (audio editing)
  • Knowledge of video production or direction is an asset
  • Experience in storytelling and other aspects of video production (ideation, directing), an asset
  • An understanding of graphic design, with experience in motion graphics, an asset
  • Highlight reel will be required
  • Your own high performance laptop would be an asset

Please send resumes to careers@itspixelperfect.com

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