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If you’re a copywriter who is passionate about digital media and social media, we want to meet you. Digital marketing and transformation represent one of the most important evolutions of Jamaican businesses and a strategic priority for IPP. As a result, IPP wants to position itself as the best digital marketing company in the country— and we need your copywriting talent to help light up the digital marketing experiences that support this area of the business.

A successful candidate must believe that words matter, that words directly impact the user experience, and that words can help delight our customers at every touch point you. are a resourceful and versatile copywriter with a passion for the digital experience, and a desire to make a difference for our customers and business. You are versatile enough that you can dig in and develop optimized copy from the ground up based on strategy briefs, messaging frameworks, and other source materials; but you are also OK rolling up your sleeves, throwing on your editor hat, and helping shape product marketing copy that is aligned with a brand voice and style. The ideal candidate is a creative thinker and self-starter, who is comfortable operating in a fast-paced, environment, can learn and adapt, share ideas and give options, and operate with minimal supervision.

What you’ll do

Write & edit: Your primary job is to write, re-write, and edit copy for a variety of campaigns, across a broad range of problems and media, including advertising, retail, collateral, promotional materials, social, and digital/interactive.

Collaborate: Your secondary role will be to collaborate with Creative Directors, Art Directors, and Producers to develop work.

Who you are

  • Exceptional writer. You’ve done it all—business to business and consumer, ads to web copy—and have the portfolio to prove it. Your sentences are squeaky clean, compelling, and conversational. You relentlessly cut through the clutter to get to the core message. You know when jargon is useful and when it gets in the way, when to add a dash of style, and when to just stick to facts.
  • Top-notch editor. You’re nitpicky about style rules, offended by typos, and instantly know how to make a bad draft better.
  • Passionate about SEO. You can use industry tools to research keyword opportunities, optimize existing content, and develop new content to meet search needs.
  • Audience-obsessed. You’re laser-focused on your audience and their needs and interests. Your copy respects their time and intelligence but never assumes readers inherently know or care about what you’re talking about.
  • Creative. You can make even the most boring, technical concepts compelling and understandable.
  • Fact-based, data-driven. You persuade with facts, not fluff. And always challenge your assumptions and word choices using surveys, A/B tests, and other tools.
  • Happy, Optimistic and Smart
  • Loves to ask questions
  • Confident and comfortable communicating at the highest levels
  • Loves to help others
  • Gets energy from innovating and creating.

Education & Experience

B.A. preferred

What else should you know?

  • You will be working alongside persons who like to work long hours.
  • Our team is high energy and very focused.
  • We are biased to persons that enjoy verbal expression and loves to smile when they speak.
  • We don’t like shy and reserved persons – they may get overwhelmed by our energy.

*Email cover letter and resume to careers@itspixelperfect.com

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